ADISA | Triathlon


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The ADISA Triathlon Club (ATC) is one of ADISA’s four Training Divisions:

  1. Football Division
  2. Athletics Division (Track Athletics only)
  3. Team Sports Division (Basketball and Floorball, excluding football)
  4. Triathlon Division (Multi-disciplinary)

ATC’s season is nine months long running from October to June. This season is broken down into three periods: Pre-Season, Competitive Season and Post-Season. 



ATC operates as a members club where membership is acquired. An aspiring club member or candidate will be tested in swimming, cycling and running. Club membership will NOT be granted if the candidate cannot both swim and cycle. If a candidate can at least swim or cycle, membership can be granted after applying for membership with a handwritten application, signed by the candidate. 


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ATC has 3 Training and Competition categories starting from the Beginner, Amateur and Semi-Professional Categories, which are broken down into a total of 8 levels. We have chosen a very gentle progression which will accommodate the largest number of members within the next 4 years. Moving the majority slowly up to speed from Beginner to Semi-Professional is safer and a better way of building a new culture than allowing a few ‘Bolts’ cruise to Semi-Pro in record time. 



For safety and risk concerns, we intend to strictly follow a certification system where a member can only participate in an event if the event offers an entry category and level in which the member is certified. Members will therefore need to pass a certification test to affirm that they have fulfilled the minimum requirements to participate in an event at a certain category or level.



ATC activities are carried out only two days a week. However, members are free to work privately at their convenience.

  • Wednesday Session: 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm
  • Saturday Session: 7.00 am – 10.00 amPic 6