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Love for sports and particularly the game of football has never been a greater unifying factor in the face of global, regional and national threats as it is today, even in a nation like Cameroon. New and dynamic innovations have been witnessed within the last two decades with regards to how sports and more interestingly the game of football can be played, watched, marketed and used as an instrument to propagate global peace, unity and alleviate poverty. The Youths of today are tomorrow’s leaders and the need for them to be guided on how to make the right choices, take advantage of good and rare opportunities, develop positive convictions and pursue honorable causes in life cannot be overemphasized. The birth of the Africa Dream International Sports Academy (ADISA) in Cameroon Central Africa, provides the medium for youths from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to explore and rediscover themselves indiscriminately without fear of complex, in an era where the gap between rich and poor spans widest.



















The mission of the AFRICA DREAM INTERNATIONAL SPORTS ACADEMY (ADISA) is to empower young aspiring boys and girls in Cameroon and across Africa towards successful professional careers in the world of sports, by the acquisition of knowledge and skill through early training and development. ADISA is designed to provide a free environment where young aspiring talents can develop their full potentials, enabling them to lead more productive lives in accordance with their needs and interests.


Free to dream, free to win

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