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We are here today because they were once here. The choices and actions of the previous generations provided for paragraphs and lines of the chapter of a distant future, to be written today by these little ones who have come of age. Here at ADISA, we believe it all begins from childhood. More than ever before, parents need to work in harmony with each of their children towards identifying the child’s innate ability (talent) and thereafter engage in adding value to that ability, instead of prescribing an ability befitting of their child.

Our work with these young Cameroonians is passionately driven by the simple belief that ‘For every child, another day is another chance to be the next person to reach their dream’. ADISA is committed to this long-term process and that is why our solutions focus on models designed to reach hundreds of athletes and effectively influence the everyday environment of their development. Through our numerous Recruitment and Training Centres (RTCs), we are able to identify top young athletes at the grassroots and progressively expose them to high-level training and competition.

The main goal of the BE THE NEXT program is to foster proper athletic development by the acquisition of life skills and values through motivational speaking and coaching. Considering that ADISA offers training in 6 different sports disciplines (though Floorball and Triathlon training works only with adults) gives the children an opportunity to explore multiple faculties without fear of complex. The response has been quite motivational from the children’s attendance at video projection sessions, as well as from parents who continue to find the time to show up during training sessions and games, in order to see firsthand how their child is striving to be the next.