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AD FC hopes to become one of Cameroon’s greatest football clubs, an ambition which has so far been backed by 5 undisputed national achievements realised by ADISA within her first 3 years. AD FC now playing at FECAFOOT’s Regional Division 2 League mostly consists of footballers recruited from the South West Region, North West, Littorral and Central Regions.

ADISA’s young shot stoppers know too well their heritage. These juveniles just like their Lion ancestors Thomas Knono and Joseph Antoine Bell, train heartlessly every week to drain themselves from all weakness of body and mind hoping that soon, they too will be called upon to the challenge of upholding the unquestionable legacy of the Indomitable Lions of Africa.

















Football encounters in the Regional Division 2 league are notorious for being very physical. For now, the Senior team trains once a day and five days a week. The session lasts for two hours and is usually highly engaging.








Pre-match training session A



Pre-match training session B






Africa Dream FC also known as the ‘Victoria Gladiators’ is a team constituted by some of the youngest licensed players in the FECAFOOT South West Regional League. About 21% are between the ages of 16 and 19 years. 43% range from 20 to 24 years while 34% are between 25 and 28 years. This makes 64% of the team 24 years and under and increasing the under 24 percentage is paramount on our agenda.

Pre-match Brief - Head CoachPre-match Brief - 1st Assistant Coach


AD FC vs EKONA FCAfrica Dream FC vs Buea United FC









Africa Dream FC vs CINYODEV FC 2Africa Dream FC vs CINYODEV FC










With little or no financial motivation for the players, achieving commitment to training sessions and discipline has been a long and tedious journey. The Gladiators are slowly beginning to win respect among the local football fans as they progressively secure more dominance with respect to ball possession in the majority of their encounters. However, this young team still looks ahead for more consistent wins in official league matches.









By the end of the 2014 season, management introduced an initiative to secure the collection and use of match statistics. Also, two official league matches were covered by a video camera crew. The implementation of the collection of training and match statistics in the 2015 football season, as well as game video reviews from the 2016 season will provide better critique and self evaluation for both our footballers and coaches and as such boost the quality of our outputs.