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In many regards, the training and coaching methodologies as well as resources available for training elite youth soccer players in many countries over the last two decades have been far more advanced than those used with youth soccer players in Cameroon. ADISA has come to observe that the environment of the elite youth footballer in Cameroon is not healthy enough due to some of the following setbacks;

  • The young footballers’ development is mostly taken seriously too late, usually until they are above 15 or 16 years of age or after their G.C.E Ordinary Level Exams.
  • Limited or low number of training sessions per week or training programs which run for less than 6 months a year which deter continuity and consistency.
  • Inadequate training infrastructure, equipment and materials.

For now, ADISA currently makes use of local public facilities to carry out her activities. Apart from the fact that these facilities are not built to standard, there is usually the challenge of the quality and frequency of the upkeep of these facilities. However, our ongoing development plans intend to secure partnerships which will enable us provide a decent and up to standard environment where young aspiring talents can develop their full potentials, enabling them to lead more productive lives in accordance with their needs and interests.

The fundamental phase of ADISA’s youth development program is a multilateral phase that builds a foundation on which complex motor abilities can be developed. Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed (which are the ABC’s) are the key aspects of running, jumping, throwing & kicking.