The ‘Smile a mile’ Program


ADISA aspires to identify and harness the power of sports to achieve her objectives as sports progressively becomes a part of humanitarian and development work. ADISA’s efforts will lay emphasis on improving the quality of life of children, because they constitute her primary recruitment target group. The assistance we provide is not designed to make our esteemed beneficiaries dependent, but rather makes available immediate and direct psycho-social relief, while establishing the groundwork for prospective economic support and growth.

By putting just a smile on the faces of children during the troubling moments of their lives, we will be giving them a whole mile of love. Our approach is to use sports and our achievements in the world of sports to systematically and coherently attain better health, education and economic empowerment for children within the Limbe Municipality, and the nation of Cameroon at large. This effort is sustained in harmony with our bid to become a household name in the nation and the gold standard for sports development in Cameroon and Africa.

The SAM Program for children will be launched in March 2015 and will establish an off-the-pitch relevance for ADISA within her constituency and buttress one of our core ideologies, which is; sports can really bring the change we need.