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Basketball is a team sport which can be played both for recreation or competition purposes. Unfortunately, many who observe or play basketball in Cameroon are not aware about how much it can contribute to the development of personal and social values that are very important in the educational process of a child or teenager.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) in collaboration with the European Association of Basketball Coaches (EABC) instituted the FIBA Young Coaches 2000 Programme for the training of coaches working with young players. Consequently, the FIBA Africa Young Basketball Coaches Training Module I took place at the Catholic University Institute of Buea from the 1st to 10th of September 2014, organized by the South West Regional League for Basketball.


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In response to FIBA’s efforts to see the training of basketball instituted in primary schools all over the world, ADISA’s ‘Kids with dreams’ (Kiwids) was conceived the following month in October and without any financing or sponsorship, Kiwids was launched in November in two primary schools in the town of Limbe, where ADISA’s head office is based.

Kiwids trains children in primary schools on how to play basketball. In the training process, the kids learn to take on personal responsibilities for the benefit of their group, work as a team, and respect others. Through brief game sessions, we teach kids to accept victories and defeats as essential parts of the growing up process, without allowing these to stop them from pursuing the goals they have chosen. Kiwids is in its second year and gaining momentum.


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