ADISA | Benjamins

benjamin1  Can the next Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Christiano Ronaldo or Usain Bolt be a child from a Cameroonian family? Many parents in Cameroon whose children are already actively involved in sports believe that, given the right amount of training, coaching and perseverance, their child could dare the challenge.

Unfortunately, some whose children usually exhibit exceptional physical ability (while performing chores, sports at school or playing with friends in the neighbourhood) believe that if they could make just a little more money, they would finally be able to get their child involved in a ‘real’ sports program and then, it could be their child.

We are aware of the huge financial effort parents make today to ensure that their children attend school every year. We understand that your child’s educational goals are paramount and that this program should only be an extension of those existing goals and NOT A DISTRACTION. We urge you to take this courageous and noble step into a

potentially great destiny. Choose right, choose ADISA.