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ADISA4The city of Limbe formerly called Victoria has been a citadel of football for over three decades. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Limbe is home to the oldest stadium in the Region known as the Victoria Centenary Stadium built in 1958 before Cameroon’s independence. For over two decades, two arch rivals from Limbe; Electsport FC (formerly PowerCam) and Victoria United FC succeeded to rule the entire South West Regional Division 2 League. Both teams in the past successively secured their share of glory at the National Division 1 League and today, Limbe alone boasts of five of the fifteen teams in FECAFOOT’s 2013 South West Regional Division 2 League.

However, as the nature of most disciplines change, it becomes necessary for every institution, club or team wishing to continually secure investments from its owners and sympathizers, to adapt its output to meet up with expectations. This has been the dilemma for most football clubs in the South West Region and Cameroon as a whole.

The era of the Victoria Gladiators will be marked by a storm of change represented by incessant innovations to how the game of football is played and managed in Cameroon. It will be a revolution rewarded by the greatest number of national, continental and intercontinental titles won by any Sports Club or Academy in Africa’s sports history, an eternal legend, the glory of a nation, the pride of all Africa.


AD FC was launched into FECAFOOT’s Regional Third Division League in October 2012. The Club had just a Senior team of about 16 footballers. Within 8 months, that number grew into a Senior team of 28 Gladiators, Junior team of 26 footballers, Cadet, Minor and Benjamin teams of 20, 24 and 17 footballers respectively.