ADISA | Activities

Annually, a diligent and extensive search is done throughout the South West Region to identify local talent. The Academy’s Football training categories are as follows;

Senior Category (19 to 25 years)

Junior Category (16 to 18 years): For now, only a few top quality junior category players work with the senior team. Both the junior and cadet categories have been suspended and will only go functional when minor category players have progressed to cadet and then eventually junior category. This was a very tough management decision taken last year 2014 in an effort to guarantee depth of work and quality of outputs.

Cadet Category (15 to 16 years)

Minor Category (13 to 14 years)

Benjamin Category (10 to 12 years)

Beginner Category (7 to 9 years)


Athletics categories are the same as those for football with the exemption of a Senior Category. By 2016, scouting will cover the North West and Littoral Regions.










Training and Development

Three values guarded jealously at ADISA are three keys which open doors to success and fame; Hard work, Discipline and Belief. The robust nature of ADISA’s T & D program is defined by its ambitious goals. At all times, the boys and girls are required to showcase their potentials to the fullest, working collectively with team mates to realise established targets. Management and Coaching Staff are closely assisted by an Advisory Board particularly concerned with seeking ways of adding value to Management and Coaching efforts, and striving to enhance the quality of outputs.









T & D Key Features

The Athletics Program includes the following:

Athletics Series – Amongst athletes of the same Recruitment and Training Centre.

Athletics Tours – Between athletes from different Recruitment and Training Centres.


The Football Program includes the following:

Gala Matches – Amongst footballers of the same Recruitment and Training Centre.

Friendly Matches – Between footballers from different Recruitment and Training Centres. Occasionally, a friendly match is organised against other Clubs or Academy teams within the towns in which ADISA runs her Recruitment and Training Centres.