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Bill Mosah

Bill Mosah: President and Founder


When we come close to the mark,
We have made an effort.
When we reach the mark,
We have succeeded.
But when we exceed the mark,
We have excelled! 

EXCELLENCE is the place beyond the mark.




ADISA is a multi accredited, nonsecterian training and development sports institution operating year-round and providing quality opportunities for young aspirants across the Nation of Cameroon.

Need for ADISA is precipitated by the grave necessity to redress issues surrounding the pursuit of unaccomplished dreams by thousands of young boys and girls across Cameroon and the continent of Africa, a phenomenon which is a day-to-day menace to development efforts of families, institutions and governments as well.

Created in May 2012, ADISA sees the youths of today as tomorrow’s leaders. For this reason, we greatly crusade the acquisition of knowledge by youths through training in sports and particularly in the game of football. Knowledge breeds ideas which foster innovation and necessitates the development of skill. This will ultimately impact an athlete’s productivity and may significantly improve the quality of life for an individual, another family’s dream and eventually a community’s hope at large.


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While ADISA currently stands out as the fastest growing sports academy in Cameroon’s Southwest Region, she still makes use of local public facilities to carry out her activities. However, there exist some ongoing development plans which would enable more youths have access to both the current and future opportunities.

Within the next five years, ADISA will major in Football and Athletics even as training is ongoing in Basketball, Floorball and Triathlon. Presently, ADISA seeks partnerships which will enable her take advantage of development and marketing opportunities for her elite footballers and athletes.











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